Ha-haaar! Pirate Party MP forced to wear eyepatch during TV debate

David Harding
Eva Pandora Baldursdottir and her eyepatch (Eva Pandora Baldursdottir )

A MP who represents Iceland’s Pirate Party has been forced to wear an eyepatch following an accident at home.

Eva Pandora Baldursdottir said that her one-year-old daughter had scratched her eye forcing the politician to wear the patch.

She had to confess as was appearing in a Icelandic TV debate the night she began wearing the patch.

Baldursdottir took to Facebook to write about the bizarre accident, reported online site Reykjavik Grapevine.

‘Sometimes astounding things can happens at the worst time,’ she wrote.

‘My one year old daughter scratched my eye, which means I have to wear an eyepatch over the weekend.

‘That wouldn’t be an issue if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m going to a TV debate tonight. There I’ll of course be wearing my beautiful eyepatch.’


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Although it might have a silly name, the Pirate Party has serious aims.

It bases its policies on civil rights, freedom of information and direct democracy and is the third largest political party in the country.

Iceland’s president fainted after a ‘hot and cosy’ bath (Rex)

It holds 10 out of the 63 seats in Iceland’s parliament.

Her accident came at the same time it was revealed that the country’s president Gudni Thorlacius Johannesson broke his nose in a bathroom fall.

He went onto Facebook to claim he fainted after a ‘hot and cosy bath, which was probably too hot and cosy’.