Hackers ‘could take over sex robots and make them kill their owners’

Westworld Rex

In case the idea of making love to the lifeless body of a machine wasn’t appetising enough, here’s another worrying thought about sex robots.

Hackers could one day take over the machines – and order them to kill their human lovers, one cybersecurity expert has claimed.

Dr Nick Patterson says, ‘The last thing you want is for a hacker to have control of one of these robots.


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Patterson, speaking to the Daily Star, says, ‘’Hackers can hack into a robot or a robotic device and have full control of the connections, arms, legs and other attached tools like in some cases knives or welding devices.

‘Once a robot is hacked, the hacker has full control and can issue instructions to the robot.’

It’s worth noting that the early prototype devices shown off by companies such as RealDoll can’t actually move their limbs – so their murderous abilities may be limited.

An Australian researcher warns of the dangers in the sex industry’s push to create a realistic and fully functional virtual girlfriend, cautioning that hackers could take control and turn them into killer sex robots.

Previous surveys have suggested that up to half of men would consider having sex with a lifelike robot.

Writing last year, David Levy author of Love and Sex With Robots said, ‘This coming wave of sex robots will be humanlike in appearance and size. They will have human-like genitals. And they will allow intercourse according to their owner’s sexual orientation and tastes.