Hackney attack: Charity boss knocked unconscious outside Finsbury Park office in daylight street attack

Francesca Gillett

A charity boss was knocked unconscious after a man smashed a Coca Cola bottle over his head in a daylight street attack outside his north London office.

Father-of-two Mohamed Nacer was rushed to hospital after being floored in Finsbury Park by a stranger who told him: “I will open up your stomach”.

Mr Nacer, 45, who runs community charity the Arab Advice Bureau, had confronted a group of men loitering outside his office on Seven Sisters Road at around 5.30pm on Thursday evening.

Witnesses described seeing “a lot of blood” on the pavement following the vicious attack outside shop Food City, which neighbours Mr Nacer’s office.

Victim: Charity boss Mohamed Nacer, 45.

CCTV footage from the shop shows the shocking moment the attacker raises his arm and smashes the glass bottle over Mr Nacer’s head.

The charity director clutches his head as he stumbles onto the ground, while the attacker turns and flees from the scene.

Mr Nacer told the Standard on Friday: “I thought I was going to die, I was very scared, it was a very shocking situation. I couldn’t sleep last night.”

Altercation: The argument on Seven Sisters Road in Finsbury Park.

He said: “Seven Sisters Road is a big area, lots of shops and obviously there is a high rate of crime here and recently I noticed there was a big rise of drug dealing in the area and around Wilberforce Road.

“I have reported it to the police. They are selling drugs in daylight, you have to do something about it.”

He said he saw a group of men loitering outside his office and went to confront them.

“I saw them outside and I said please can you get away from my shop,” Mr Nacer said.

“They were saying I will open up your stomach. I was very scared because the guy was putting his hand inside his jacket.

“I went to stand by the shop. I tried to speak Arabic to reason with one of the guys. I thought he would take that as a compliment and he would calm down.

“The guy went inside the shop and grabbed a bottle of coke and hit me on the head.

“I lost unconsciousness, I was on the floor.”

Mr Nacer added: “The message I want to get through is that various people are trying to work hard for the community, I work hard for the safety of people living in the area.

“And we do not want to be the target."

One witness told the Standard she saw "a pool of blood and couple of groceries lying around it".

She added: "An alarming amount of blood."

Police told the Hackney Gazette they were called to the scene, near to the junction with Wilberforce Road, and put a police cordon in place. No arrests have been made.

The Arab Advice Bureau provides legal advice and support to people in Arabic and Northern African communities in London.

They provide immigration advice and help people get into work.