Hair Force One: Donald Trump fan pays terrifying tribute to US president with this crazy haircut

Donald Trump’s hair is almost as famous as the person underneath it.

The US president’s haircut has been a topic of discussion long before he entered the White House.

And while some people may not be fans of his barnet, one man in Taiwan has gone to great lengths to recreate it.

This Trump fan has had the image of the occupant of the Oval Office shaved into his head, then completed the look with a blond dye job.

This man has Donald Trump on his mind (Picture: Reuters)

The result is that it looks like Donald Trump is staring out from the back of his head, complete with eyebrows.

The stunning creation was made by a hairdresser at XB Hair, in the city of Changhua.

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The salon specialises in bespoke bizarre hairdos for its clientele, particularly shaving portraits into their scalps.

Popular requests include deceased actors such as Bruce Lee and Marilyn Monroe, as well as cartoon characters such as Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse.

This is what the head of state looks like (Picture: Reuters)

Hair stylist Allen Chen is the creator of the weird looks, which take about three hours to complete.

He said all he needs are some scissors and a photo of the celebrity.