So... when can we all get a haircut? Hairdressers and salons could be open from 12 April, Boris Johnson reveals

Hairdresser's hands are cutting brown short hair with scissors close up.
It will be some time before people can visit hairdressers and salons. (Getty) (okskukuruza via Getty Images)

Trips to the hairdressers and beauty salon could be back on the cards from 12 April, according to the road map out of England's lockdown announced by Boris Johnson on Monday.

Indoor gyms and leisure facilities, such as swimming pools, will also be allowed to reopen, but people will only be permitted to exercise alone or with their own household.

The reopening of shops, hairdressers, nail salons, libraries, outdoor attractions and outdoor hospitality venues from 12 April comes as part of the government's four-stage plan that lays out how England’s coronavirus restrictions could be eased by 21 June - including potentially the lifting of all remaining restrictions on social contact.

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In the first phase, all pupils in England’s schools are expected to return to class from 8 March but it will be at least five weeks after that before the next stage, which could bring the reopening of non-essential retail and personal care, including hairdressers and nail salons, along with gyms, as well as zoos, theme parks and drive-in cinemas plus public libraries and community centres.

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Johnson said step two will begin “at least five weeks” after the first phase and no earlier than 12 April, with an announcement at least seven days in advance.

He said: “If analysis of the latest data against the four tests requires a delay then this and subsequent steps will also be delayed to maintain the five-week gap.”

Sportswoman training on treadmill in gym and wearing face mask to protect herself against coronavirus during global pandemic of covid-19 virus.
Gyms will be able to reopen from 12 April, but people will only be allowed to exercise alone or with members of their household. (Getty) (Smederevac via Getty Images)

The prime minister's announcement came on the same day gym chains voiced concerns about the effect of having been closed for most of the past year, with one saying UK shutdowns were costing them £500,000 a day.

Budget franchise PureGym told the BBC it had calculated the average cost over eight months of closure to tot up to half a million pounds.

According to the road map, saunas and steam rooms will remain shut until “step three” of the government’s route out of lockdown.

The government said it will update its COVID-secure guidance to advise businesses on improving fresh air flow indoors and carrying out regular testing.

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In its road map, the government said: “Opening outdoor sports settings will help to reduce the adverse physical and mental health effects experienced by large parts of the population, in particular children and those living alone.

“Exercise and outdoor sports are well documented to reduce individuals’ risk of major illnesses, such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and cancer by up to 50% and lower risk of early death by up to 30%.

“Physical activity is also known to help with improving mental health through better sleep, happier moods, and managing stress, anxiety or intrusive and ‘racing’ thoughts.”

From 17 May at the earliest, organised indoor adult sports, such as gym classes, are scheduled to be allowed again

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