Hairdresser uses beads to give little girl epic Peppa Pig hairstyle: ‘Coolest kid in school’

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This hairstylist on TikTok posted a video of this little girl’s epic hairdo featuring strands of beads braided in the shape of Peppa Pig, and it’s a super cute hairstyle for kids!

TikToker Atlantis Broadwater (@alantisbroadwater) is a South Carolina-based hairstylist who posts clips featuring her styling process and work portfolio. In one of Broadwater’s videos, she styles a little girl’s hair with beads arranged in the shape of the cartoon character, Peppa Pig, and viewers are blown away by her creativity.

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The clip opens with a shot of white, red, and pink plastic beads arranged neatly on a table, forming an image of the beloved cartoon character for Broadwater to use as a blueprint when styling them in the little girl’s hair.

Before adding the beads, Broadwater arranges the little girl’s hair into parts. After sectioning off and conditioning the hair, she twists the back into tight braids.

After Broadwater finishes prepping the little girl’s hair, the fun part begins. She strings the beads onto each braid from left to right, using the image prearranged on the table as a reference.

Broadwater’s finished product is a fabulous coiffure featuring strands of colorful beads that turn into Peppa Pig when hanging, and a braided topknot in front secured with a hair tie with two large plastic hot pink balls.

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Viewers were impressed by Broadwater’s styling skills and couldn’t help but gush over the adorable hairdo.

“That’s cute, I would [have] died for that as a [little] kid,” one user complimented.

“I want to do this [type of thing] with my baby,” shared one parent.

“Please, [do] Hello Kitty,” one viewer requested.

“Coolest kid in school,” affirmed one TikToker.

Thanks to the adorable Peppa Pig image coupled with Broadwater’s expertise as a master hairdresser, this girl’s hairstyle is definitely a conversation starter.

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