Haiti president assassinated: American among six people held over killing of Jovenel Moise

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An American is believed to be among six people detained over the assassination of Haiti's president, according to reports.

Jovenel Moise died at his home in Port-au-Prince, the capital of the impoverished Caribbean island, in the early hours of Wednesday.

Officials have said the attack was carried out by "a highly trained and heavily armed group," whose members spoke Spanish or English.

Police chief Leon Charles said six of the men who killed Mr Moise at the private residence have been captured and officers are hunting for the masterminds behind the operation.

Mathias Pierre, minister of elections and interparty relations, told AP news agency that one of the six was a US citizen. He added at least one other detainee is believed to be a Haitian-American, the Washington Post newspaper claimed.

Two of the six were arrested after a crowd found them hiding in some bushes in Port-au-Prince.

Seven other suspects have been killed, according to authorities.

Haiti's Prime Minister Claude Joseph has appealed to citizens to hand over suspects to officers and not to beat them up.

Earlier on Thursday, hundreds of residents gathered outside a police station in the capital where some of those thought to be involved were being held.

They shouted "burn them" and set fire to a vehicle they believed was linked to the killers.

Wednesday's atrocity was condemned by Haiti's main opposition parties and the international community.