Half-eaten shark washes up on beach sparking fears over predator that attacked it

The shark was discovered ripped in half
-Credit: (Image: Reddit)

The half-devoured carcass of a shark washed up on a popular beach, leaving people worried about what could have killed the predator. The shocking discovery was made on Oak Island in Nova Scotia, Canada, with the creature ripped in half just behind the dorsal fin.

An image of the ocean hunter was shared on Reddit's sharks forum, with the poster saying he "saw this poor guy" while out for a stroll along the sands, Daily Star reports.

The post quickly received hundreds of upvotes and sparked debate about what could have caused such savage damage to the shark, which is understood to be an Atlantic Sharpnose.

One user identified the species, which generally grows to around 3ft long, because of its "nose shape, white spots, and dark backside of the dorsal fin".

And while some questioned whether it could have been killed by a boat's whirling propellor, others believe the Sharpnose was itself the victim of a shark attack.

One person replied: "This was not a boat accident! This wasn't any propeller. This wasn't any coral reef. And it wasn't Jack the Ripper."

The Sharpnose washed up on a beach in Oak Island, Nova Scotia in Canada
The Sharpnose washed up on a beach in Oak Island, Nova Scotia in Canada -Credit:Wikipedia

Another user replied: "It was a shark, Great White Shark. I've seen many sharks eaten by other sharks. There's always a bigger fish."

A third supported the theory, saying: "Another shark would do that all day every day."

When asked about the type of shark it was, some users took the opportunity to crack jokes. One said: "It's clearly half a shark", while another joked that it was "leftovers".

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