About half of Volkswagen ID.3 customers are new to the brand

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Automotive brands are currently committing a lot of their resources into the transition towards electric vehicles, and for one brand it’s bringing a lot of new customers in.

Volkswagen says it has received about 144,000 orders for the ID.3 across Europe, the electric family car that went on sale in 2019.

Of those, around 50 per cent are new to the brand, meaning that the switch to electric vehicles is attracting people who hadn’t bought into Volkswagen before.

Volkswagen ID.3 interior

This is well above the average number of new customers models usually bring in, which currently sits at 36 per cent.

Volkswagen says it surveyed ID.3 owners in Germany to get an idea of what attracted them to the vehicle. The top reason was its environmental performance for 60 per cent of respondents, with innovative technology just behind with 51 per cent.

Furthermore, 80 per cent said the ID.3 was the vehicle they used the most in their household, while 70 per cent said they charge with green energy, either by using an energy supplier that makes that commitment or by using their own solar panels.

Klaus Zellmer, board member for sales, marketing and after sales at Volkswagen, said: “The ID.3 has tapped into an above-average number of new buyer groups for Volkswagen. Some 70,000 new customers are strong proof that we are exactly on the right track with this vehicle and our electric mobility strategy.”

Volkswagen has set a goal to have 70 per cent of its vehicle sales to be electric vehicles by 2030, which will equate to over one million EVs. It is believed North America and China will account for around half of these sales, with production beginning at a new factory in China ahead of the car going on sale there later this year.

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