Halle Berry Wore a Michelle Obama Dress to Honor the ‘Strongest, Most Fierce Woman There Ever Was’

The actress rocked Michelle Obama’s face at her latest movie’s New York City premiere. (Photo: Instagram/Halle Berry)

Halle Berry made quite a statement at the New York City premiere of her movie Kidnap on Wednesday night, wearing a T-shirt dress bearing an image of Michelle Obama. The vintage and caricature-inspired shirt read “Michelle My Belle.” Berry wrote on Instagram that it was an homage to the “strongest, most fierce woman there ever was”  — which is perfectly on-theme for the film.

In the movie, which comes out on Friday, Berry plays a single mother whose son gets kidnapped during an afternoon at the park. What transpires is a fight that her character, Karla Dyson, puts up to get her child back. Throughout Berry’s Instagram promotions for the film, she refers to the strength it takes to fight for what or who you love most. And while in the movie’s case, the fight is in the emotional and physical pursuit of the character’s son, the theme ties in to what Berry believes Obama stands for.

The political statement has garnered more than 720 comments, with some inevitably negative. However, one fan came to Berry’s defense, saying, “Her page, her body, HER FREAKIN’ OPINION.” And the rest, of course, are wondering where they can get matching tees.

The actress isn’t the only one to the wear a fashion statement piece inspired by the Obamas. In February, Chance the Rapper launched a fashion and art collection dedicated to the family, appropriately called #ThankUObama.

Meryl Streep also joined the Obama appreciation club when she rocked a handbag with an image of former President Obama and first lady Michelle.

As fashionistas themselves, the Obamas appear to have left a lasting impression on Hollywood style.

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