Halsey shuts down naysayers after being criticised for studying for the bar exam

Megan C. Hills
Getty Images for MTV

Singer Halsey has revealed that like Kim Kardashian West, she too is looking into the legal profession.

The 'You Should Be Sad' singer posted a series of pictures from lockdown which included a shot of her in a tie-dye bikini, a sunset, a pie of some sort and - curiously enough - a Constitutional Law textbook.

After fans noted her unusual summer reading choice, one asked her, “Why are you studying constitution law? Any reason in particular or general curiosity?”

In a screengrab captured on Twitter, Halsey was seen replying, “I’m studying for the bar exam!”

Halsey's law textbook (Instagram / @halsey)

Users on social media then began to discuss Halsey’s choice, with some comparing it to Kim Kardashian West’s decision to apprentice as a lawyer and take the bar in 2022.

One Twitter user also claimed that a user on Reddit “really tore into her” and added that she apparently “ain’t [sic] even bought the correct type of books you’d use to study for the bar exam.”

Halsey reportedly responded in a series of deleted tweets captured by Insider, “Why the f--- is it a crime to educate myself beyond just wanting to pass the bar Qs? I am following a law school curriculum even though CA state doesn't require a degree to take the exam."

Responding to the tweet flagging the Reddit post directly, she continued, “Am I surprised someone on REDDIT tore into the 'popstar' for doing anything at all? Haha no.”

She later deleted all the tweets and said in a follow up one, “ok I gotta delete all this now hahaha. but I love y’all and ur funny and it’s ain’t worth it [sic].”

Halsey’s decision to take the bar exam has been compared to Kim Kardashian West, who has opted against going to law school and instead apprenticing with a law firm.

It was revealed that she had started a four-year apprenticeship with a firm in San Francisco in 2018.

Halsey (Getty Images)

In the state of California, people can take the bar exam without having gone to law school provided they require other conditions (such as apprenticing with a law firm).

A number of other high profile actors have worked professionally as lawyers, including Gerard Butler (who was fired from his law firm according to The Times) and Andrea Bocelli.

Others including Rebel Wilson, Gemma Chan and John Cleese also hold law degrees.