Hamilton at Victoria Palace Theatre by Simona Valeva, Graveney School

Victoria Palace Theatre <i>(Image: Simona Valeva)</i>
Victoria Palace Theatre (Image: Simona Valeva)

Originally written and performed by Lin-Manuel Miranda and inspired by Ron Chernow's book 'Alexander Hamilton', Hamilton the Musical is truly a breath-taking experience which simply cannot be explained in words.


I originally found out about this musical way back in 2016 and I was completely shocked at how much I enjoyed not only the music but also the performances which were uploaded online. The music mainly draws elements of hip-hop, R&B and soul music while discussing the life of an American Founding Father, which are two quite contrasting themes. Yet this combination, alongside the stunning performances from the actors, the dazzling 18th century costumes, and deceptively simple yet impressive set, works to create an art form that must be watched at least once in your life.


As the creator himself puts it, the cast 'Who does the impossible. Eight times a week: tells this story and makes it fresh for every new audience'. The actors carried out song after song with incredible energy, which definitely blew me away. I am sure that everyone else in the audience was also delighted with the award-winning performance. The cast includes Karl Queensborough, Simon-Anthony Rhoden, Ava Brennan, Sharon Rose, Trevor Dion Nicholas and many other skilled actors.


Hamilton the Musical tells the story of the forgotten Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton, his rise out of poverty in the Caribbean, winning the War of Independence, and his unfortunate fatal end. While that may sound boring to most, especially those not particularly interested in American history, Hamilton presents this narrative in the form of, previously mentioned, well-crafted hip-hop and R&B songs. Even if you don't have the opportunity to watch the live performance in the theatre, I thoroughly recommend listening to the original Broadway cast recording which is available on Youtube, Spotify and many other platforms. As of July 2020, audiences can also enjoy the original Broadway spectacle on Disney+.


The musical is performed at the Victoria Palace Theatre, an elegant and spacious venue, easily accessible by Underground or bus from anywhere in London. Victoria Coach Station is also near by, if you have come to London specifically to enjoy the production.


The only thing that disappointed me was not the amazing performance itself, but the etiquette of the audience who kept on bringing in food and drinks throughout the performance. I see this as disrespect towards the artists as well as theatre as an art form. This, of course, is my opinion. What do you think about this?


Overall, Hamilton was an absolutely marvellous show, which I am sure I will see live again. I definitely recommend everyone reading this article to enjoy the production live, if they can.