Hand-Reared Gorilla Makes Growth Progress at Bristol Zoo

A six-month-old gorilla named Hasani is meeting his developmental milestones at Bristol Zoo in England, footage posted on February 18 shows.

Video released by Bristol Zoo Gardens shows Hasani’s playful personality as he climbs along walls.

The young gorilla is being hand-reared by keepers after his mother found it difficult to care for him. Hasani is now very playful and mobile, and has started to eat small amounts of solid food, according to a statement from the zoo.

Hasani is being gradually reintroduced to the zoo’s other western lowland gorillas, as he sees and smells them behind a mesh with keepers, the zoo said. “His mother, Kala, will regularly give him gentle grumbles, a vocalization that is positive and welcoming,” said the zoo’s mammal coordinator, Lynsey Bugg. “They quite enjoy sitting with him whilst he climbs on the mesh between them.”

The zoo hopes to fully bring Hasani back to the troop later this year. Credit: Bristol Zoo Gardens via Storyful