Handicapped Dogs in Christmas Sweaters Dash Through Snow in Wee Sleighs

Vermont native Tracey Fowler shared some holiday spirit with her disabled dogs, part of a canine group she calls The Fowler Herd, by dressing them up in Christmas sweaters to dash through the snow on little sleighs on December 21.

Fowler owns several rescue dogs, some of which have limited or no mobility in their hind legs. But as shown here, the two-legged dogs can be downright speed demons in their wheelchair rigs, which Fowler has outfitted with skis for winter.

Fowler shot the Facebook video of the dogs on a walk through the wooded area behind her home. The frolicking handicapped pooches – complete with gay apparel – have no trouble keeping up with the able-bodied dogs, and in one case, breeze past a large slowpoke.

Fowler’s herd consists entirely of rescue dogs; they range in age from one year to just over 10 years old. Credit: Tracey Fowler via Storyful