Get your hands on unreleased music by Miriam Makeba

Get your hands on unreleased music by Miriam Makeba

Johannesburg - Aficionados of brilliant African music be warned. The legendary Miriam Makeba is being honoured with the release of a box set containing some of her rarest works.

Makeba’s birthday is coming up and her life is being celebrated with a set that contains 34 CDs and six DVDs of quality music.

The selling price of the collection has not yet been announced, but it will be available for purchase within a week to 10 days.

This collection of Makeba’s music also serves to ensure the public gets to hear some of the music that has been recovered after some of these pieces were thought to be lost.

There are only 35 of these rare boxes available and they include 32 hours of music that has never been released before.

But don’t be too depressed about the limited release, because there are long-term plans to put these box sets in museums, a wide range of schools, libraries, nongovernmental organisations and educational institutions.

The proceeds go to the ZM Makeba Trust for the benefit of Makeba’s named beneficiaries, which include her grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Makeba intended that her intellectual property be first and foremost for the benefit of her family, and because of this she put in place the trust for 75 years.

The box set also features the artist’s signature.