Handsworth dog attack Sheffield : Man attacked by dog 'covered in blood' and 'looked like he'd been stabbed'

Pictures shows the incident last night which saw a man injured by a dog on Handsworth Road, Sheffield. Picture: Meeran Hassan / SWNS
Pictures shows the incident last night which saw a man injured by a dog on Handsworth Road, Sheffield. Picture: Meeran Hassan / SWNS

A video shows how a bull mastiff attacked a dog walker on a Sheffield street - and the man who recorded the footage says police had been told of the animal before.

Meeran Hassan's CCTV camera picked up the attack in Handsworth on Tuesday afternoon, and shows a man, in a blue fleece and dark trousers, trying to protect his own small black dog as a larger, animal appears to snap at his arm.

As he moves around and attempts to fend off the loose attacking dog, while holding his own dog aloft, the bull-mastiff locks its jaws around his left forearm.

dog attack
dog attack

The man loses his balance and falls into the street during the struggle before a red BMW car pulls up to try and scare the attacking dog off.

Witnesses say the victim, who was 'covered in blood' and 'looked like he'd been stabbed' made a dash to a nearby GP surgery before going to hospital.

It is thought the dog jumped over a wall before pouncing on the dog walker.

Businessman Meeran Hassan
Businessman Meeran Hassan

South Yorkshire Police said a 53-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the incident.

Meeran, 40, who captured the attack on his security camera, said he had just got home from work when he saw the incident unfold.

He said: "I've complained about the dog loads of times to the police but they've never done anything about it. It just non-stop barks because they leave it outside all the time."

Armed polices attended the incident, which happened just after 5.40pm on Tuesday on Handsworth Road.

The victim, whose chest and arm were cuts in the mauling, went into a nearby GP surgery in the street where he was bandaged up before going to hospital.

Police say his injuries are 'serious', but are not thought to be life-changing or life-threatening.

The dog was later trapped by police officers who removed it from the area.

Meeran added: "The dog jumped over a wall.

"The man then tried to get the dog off him - and a man in another car tried hitting the dog.

"He was covered in blood and one of my neighbours tried hitting the dog with my blue bin at one point.

"He then ran into the doctors surgery with his dog, where they bandaged up his stomach."

A woman who lives nearby said she saw the aftermath of the incident and that the man, who has not been identified, 'looked like he'd been stabbed'.

She said: "I looked out of my window and saw a man covered in blood, looking like he'd been stabbed.

"It was very scary because you want to protect your children. There's a school nearby, it could have been a child."

A police spokesman said: "A 53-year-old man from Sheffield has now been arrested on suspicion of having a dangerous dog out of control and remains in police custody at this time as enquiries continue.

"We are still looking to speak to anyone who witnessed the incident or who has CCTV or car dash cam footage which may have captured the incident."