Hangover cures: Six chefs share their ultimate tips

Party on, dudes: Richard Corrigan suggests the hair of the dog to get over the night before  (Pexels/Karolina Grabowska)
Party on, dudes: Richard Corrigan suggests the hair of the dog to get over the night before (Pexels/Karolina Grabowska)

The new year arrives with new resolutions, intentions of being sensible, a resolve to behave a little better. Unfortunately, it often arrives too with a thumping hangover, a thudding reminder that those aspirations might have been dreamt up a little earlier.

Still, no hangover is fatal; they might feel it, but that feeling will pass. To hurry the dread along and out of the day, here six chefs and restaurateurs share their tricks for clearing the head and cracking on. May you recover swiftly.

Will Bowlby, Kricket: Xiaolongbao

“Xiaolongbao all day long for when I’m really hungover. Dumplings and exploding hot soup all in one go with a shed load of chilli oil sort me out immediately. If too hungover I’ll order some on Deliveroo as they travel well and keep their heat nicely, but if I can make it to town then it’s Beijing Dumplings or Tao Tao Ju in Chinatown.”


Richard Corrigan, Corrigan Collection: English sparkling wine

“Hair of the dog, always hair of the dog. A new favourite hangover cure of mine, and believe me I’ve tried a few, is a crisp glass of English sparkling wine like Gusbourne or Chapel Down from Kent. It’s the acidity and freshness that seems to clear my head. If you can muster up the energy to make a slice of cheese on toast with it (use Lincolnshire Poacher cheese if you can get your hands on it), then you’ll be feeling fresh as a daisy pretty quickly.”


Robin Gill, Bermondsey Larder, Darby’s: The magic trio

“When I was working for Don Alfonso 1890 on the Amalfi Coast, every week on our day off we always used to enjoy a boat trip where more than enough alcohol was consumed. Over time I learnt a knack that had me back on track at work the next day. Start off with a pint of water, followed by a double espresso, and then shot of Limoncello. It never let me down.”


David Moore, Pied à Terre: Beetroot and avocado smoothie

“I always opt for a smoothie the morning after. Blend together apple juice, oat milk, half a cucumber, one beetroot (I get those easy vacuum packed ones), one stick of celery, an avocado, some frozen fruit, half a teaspoon of turmeric, two twists of black pepper, and two milk thistle capsules. Your body will love you.”


Ben Tish, Cubitt House: Truffle crisps

“Hangovers are so much worse nowadays — age is definitely getting the better of me! A can of Coke (always full fat), two Nurofen and then I like to take a big bag of Torres truffle potato crisps, cover them in grated strong cheddar and bake them in the oven, Nachos style. Give it a go, honestly, it’s the best.”


George Pell, The Suffolk, L’Escargot: Coke and a fry-up

“A fry up and a pint of Coke is all that is needed to clear that terrible mist from a hangover. Forget about hydration, it’s sugar and caffeine you need! I’m talking the full works here — black pudding, bacon, sausages (you’ll need two), baked beans, mushrooms, fried slice, fried egg, hash browns. The bigger, the better!”

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