Hapless dog found with head poking through hole in wall rescued in Thailand

A hapless dog that had its head poking through a hole in the wall was rescued in Thailand. The pooch was found after it was heard crying by concerned residents at a vacant lot near their homes in Chanthaburi province on April 28. They called a team of animal rescuers to help the female pooch estimated to be at least three years old after its head was stuck on the wall. When the rescuers arrived, they gave the animal some water as it already appeared exhausted before one of the volunteers tried to push its head out. As the dog was too scared its head was badly stuck on the narrow hole so they had to use a drill to widen the hole on the concrete hole. After almost half an hour they were able to smash parts of the hole freeing the black dog. It was not hurt aside from being dehydrated and tired. One of the residents said the pooch was a stray who came to give birth at the vacant lot and used to pass through the hole. She said: ‘I remember seeing this dog before. It was a stray that gave birth here. It was thinner then so it was able to crawl through the hole to the other side.’ The resident thanked the rescuers and took care of the dog until someone volunteers to adopt the stray.