What happened to Ethan on Emmerdale? Furious fans call for Ruby to pay

-Credit: (Image: ITV)

Furious Emmerdale fans have called for Ruby to be sent to prison for murder after Ethan's death.

Tonight's episode of the ITV soap opera follows hot on the heels of the explosive 10,000th episode last week where Ruby Fox-Miligan (Beth Cordingly) deliberately ran over Ethan Anderson (Emile John) in her car. This was done in revenge after Ethan knocked over Ruby's son Nicky while driving over the limit.

Viewers watched tonight as Ethan prepared to go to court over the hit-and-run. His dad Charles discovered him collapsed on the floor, ahead of a dramatic cut to the adverts.

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At the very end of the episode, devastated Charles announced that Ethan had died. ITV viewers were left in a fury and have since been calling on writers to make sure Ruby pays for his death, on X.

@Mikepriestley13 said: "Ethan is dead...and yes Ruby, you have lost the high ground now and I hope she is sent down for murder."

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@1stLadyHooligan said: Ruby's so sorry my a***! Ruby killed Ethan! Is she happy now? Has Ethan paid enough now to suit Ruby? I hope this cracks that witch up & has her confessing to someone who'll go to the cops! Don't let Ruby get away with this!

@Bestchester276 said: "So, if Ethan dies will Ruby end up in prison for murder." @Thomasoxley added: "Ruby, ya best get runnin' lass!"

@NiickBoii said: "Ruby feeling guilty and pretending to be sympathetic really speaks volumes. She is so going to pay big time."

@Unsworth1live said: "Emmerdale ohh dear Ruby. Not so gobby now especially when it’ll be you been sent down. What goes around comes around."

@ToddGM246 said: "Ruby has a murder on her conscience now! Join the Moira and Charity club."