What happened to the red wave? Republicans gain but Democrats limit midterm losses

It wasn't the red wave that many had predicted. Still, the forecast for Washington politics over the next two years remains stormy with a strong chance of gridlock. We break down the midterm election results that so far have split control of Congress between Democrats and Republicans. What explains this outcome?

And does the result dampen Donald Trump's re-election bid, which is expected to be announced next week? More broadly, has his brand of nativist politics hit its glass ceiling? How far will the far right and so-called election deniers now go?

On this side of the Atlantic, no one is rooting for turmoil in the nation that is leading the bankrolling and supply of Ukraine's war effort. What do the US midterm results mean for Vladimir Putin, global trade tensions and UN-led efforts to tackle the planet's climate emergency?

Produced by Alessandro Xenos, Juliette Laurain, Raphael Mecattaf and Louise Guibert.

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