This is what happens if you drink 12 cans of Diet Coke a day, like Donald Trump

Rob Waugh
President Trump has a penchant for junk food and Elton John songs played at deafening volume

In a magazine profile this weekend, insiders close to Donald Trump claimed that the President swills down up to 12 cans of Diet Coke a day.

That’s a hefty amount of fizz, by anyone’s standards, so what would drinking four litres of cola a day do to a man?

Plenty, experts have suggested – and not much of it good.

For a start, there’s a large amount of caffeine in a Diet Coke. With 42mg per can, Trump is swilling down nearly 500mg a day.

General advice, including from the European Food Safety Authority, is to stick below 400mg of caffeine per day.

You might want to think twice about ordering a Diet Coke on a plane. (Getty Images)

People can and do have addiction problems with caffeine – it’s known as ‘caffeinism’ – and there have been recorded cases of fatal overdoses (although most of these involve caffeine powder, sometimes used to cut illegal drugs).


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A recent John Hopkins University study into ‘caffeine use disorder’ highlighted effects such as ‘anxiety, jitteriness, upset stomach and tense mood’.

Donald Trump himself famously Tweeted, ‘I have never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke’, and repeated studies have shown that sugar-free drinks can lead to weight gain.

A University of Texas study showed that in over-65s, at least, drinking artificially sweetened fizzy drinks has a radical effect on the waistline – tripling gains around the waist across a ten-year period.

Scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) say it’s all to do with sugar substitutes and how they affect enzymes in our body.

Researchers found that mice with aspartame in their drinking water gained more weight than mice on a similar diet without aspartame.

They believe that a product of aspartame breakdown – phenylalanine – interferes with enzymes which prevent obesity.

Other experts have warned that the amount of acid found in colas can eventually pose severe problems for your bones, when consumed in the vast quantities Donald Trump drinks.

Dr David Katz, a nutrition expert at the Yale School of Medicine said, ‘Twelve cans a day, diet or regular, it’s potentially going to do damage to your skeleton, and eventually that can be a very serious problem.’