This Is What Happens When You Put A Chameleon On a Multicoloured Towel

Chameleons are incredible animals, able to change colours and blend in with their environment whenever they need to.

But what would happen if a chameleon was faced with a multicoloured backdrop that it needed to match?

Well, that answer has apparently been answered - as this incredible photo shows.

An Imgur user uploaded this show of the reptile clinging on to a multicoloured towel - with astonishing results.

With a myriad of psychedelic coloured stripes all across its body, it seems that chameleons can mimic a whole range of colours and patterns at once.

The picture seems to have done a Kim K and broken the Internet, with over two million views in less than a day.

Some commenters are unsure whether the picture is genuine or a simple photoshop trick.

One was just annoyed that his own pet didn’t do the same thing.

Bectothefuture wrote: “This isn’t real… is it?

"Because I had a chameleon and he only turned from brown to green.

"I want a refund.”

We want to see what other colours the animal can pull off. We also want that towel.

Pic: Imgur

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