Happy Golden Retriever Wears Adorable Outfits To Help Harvest Fruit On Family Farm

Meet Jubjib, and adorable golden retriever who helps his family harvest fruit on their family farm in Thailand. But does so wearing a selection of stylysh outfits. Jubjib has become a local celebrity because of his attire, and has proven so popular that his face is now the farm's logo and can be seen on the packaging. Jubjib's family harvest and sell durians - one of the world's smelliest fruits. Even though dogs have a heightened sense of smell, Jubjib doesn't seem too bothered by the fruit's stench and happily poses sitting proudly next topiles of durian with a bigh grin o his face. Every harvest, the farmers share photos of the adorable pup happily doing his job, dressed in his signature sun-shielding hats and scarves.