Happy Valley cast reveal they’ve filmed ‘multiple’ endings as series finale twist is kept under wraps

Happy Valley is currently airing its final season  (BBC)
Happy Valley is currently airing its final season (BBC)

The final series of Happy Valley has had the nation gripped over these past few weeks, as fans have tried to work out how the show will reach its conclusion.

Even the cast aren’t exactly sure how the BBC drama will end, as it’s been revealed that multiple scenes for the finale have been filmed, keeping them guessing.

Newcomer to the series Amit Shah, who plays murderous drug-dealing pharmacist Faisal, shared the revelation on the Obsessed with…Happy Valley podcast, following Sunday night’s episode.

“I still don’t know how it all ends up for him because we filmed the final scenes in various different ways,” he confessed.

Actor Amit Shah, who plays pharmacist Faisal, has filmed ‘multiple endings’ for the series (BBC/Lookout Point/Matt Squire)
Actor Amit Shah, who plays pharmacist Faisal, has filmed ‘multiple endings’ for the series (BBC/Lookout Point/Matt Squire)

Viewers were left shocked last week after Shah’s character killed Joanna Hepworth, whom he had been supplying unprescribed medication to, in a fit of rage.

Fans were left even more disturbed following the latest episode, as the pharmacist appeared extremely calm while being confronted by the deceased’s unknowing husband after their cars collided.

Speaking on the tense scene, Shah, 41, continued: “When the collision happens and he realises it’s Rob, like a switch goes in his head. He thinks, ‘Okay, I can either be Faisal from before or I can take control of the situation’. It’s just a different him.”

Sunday night’s episode concluded with Joanna’s husband Rob discovering her dead body stuffed in a suitcase in their garage.

Rob had earlier contacted Sergeant Cawood, played by Sarah Lancashire, in regards to his wife, after not hearing from her for days. Joanna’s parents had also contacted Cawood to report her missing, sharing their belief that husband Rob had something to do with it.

Fans shared their impressed reactions with screenwriter Sally Wainwright for the plot development in the series, regarding the two overlapping storylines.

One person tweeted: “To build that amount of tension in an episode takes skill, but to build that amount of tension on 2 separate story strands within an episode, is writing and direction of the highest order.”

A second said: “Happy Valley makes it impossible to get an early night on a Sunday. Every episode leaves you with a heart rate of about 200 BPM.”

A third commented: “Jesus Christ. Didn’t breathe for about ten minutes.”

In the last five minutes of Sunday night’s episode, Tommy Lee Royce made his escape and is now on the run.

Happy Valley continues on BBC One on Sunday at 9pm.