Happy Valley star James Norton's health condition that threatened his career

James Norton has been wowing TV audiences with his performance on Happy Valley, and his breathtaking acting is all the more impressive when you know he lives with a serious health condition.

James, 37, has type 1 diabetes, and he shared an insight into his condition in November 2022. "At its best, our condition is a constant faff. At its worst, it’s a complete b**** that can be potentially life-threatening on a daily basis, if it's not looked after properly."

He posted a photo of himself with his insulin pens, writing: "These two insulin pens I'm holding, as well as the @dexcom sensor on my bum, keep me alive every single day. You have no idea how valuable these small devices are to us [type 1s], and how grateful I am to live in a country where we have free access to this type of medicine and tech."


James Norton shared a photo with his insulin pens

As James said, he has to monitor his condition very carefully, especially when he is on stage for long periods of time, which he will be when he stars in the stage production of A Little Life, which is three hours long.

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James shared how he manages his condition during an appearance on the Graham Norton Show in January 2023, revealing he has a way to ensure he stays safe.


James' diabetes sensor helps him manage his condition

When Graham asked: "For you, you're diabetic, so is that difficult to be on stage for that length of time?" James shared his method.

WATCH: James Norton shares how he manages his diabetes

James says he plans not to let the condition stop him doing what he loves, adding that it's just "an added thing to navigate".


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