How hard it is to pass your driving test in Glasgow as one test centre has lowest rate in Scotland

Glasgow has lowest driving licence pass rate in whole of Scotland
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Learning to drive is a major milestone however, is never easy - or cheap!

New research has proven that Glasgow may be one of the trickiest places to earn your full driving licence with Shieldhall test centre having the lowest pass rate across the whole of the country.

Experts at Dayinsure have used the latest DVSA data to create a new nationwide report on instructor demand and pass rates.

They’ve also dug into the official driving test insights on a local level too, to reveal what learners in Glasgow can expect.

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Across the UK there is currently one driving instructor for every 243 provisional licence holders. However, in Glasgow this is higher at 286 learners per instructor.

The city placed fourth in the UK top ten table of the areas with the most provisional licence holders per driving instructor.

When it comes to theory tests, Scotland currently have a pass rate of 46.9% but in Glasgow specifically at the West Nile Street centre it is lower at 44.7%.

In recent years the waiting time for driving tests has been high due to a back-log from Covid.

In Scotland, the current practical driving test pass rate is 53.6%, while in Glasgow specifically it is just 44.9% at the Anniesland test centre and 40.9% at the Sheildhall test centre.

Shieldhall has the lowest pass rate across the whole of the country, suggesting that some learners planning to book in here may want to try another location, or get a bit more practice in before they head for their test.

What are the main causes of an instant fail?

  • a dangerous fault - this involves actual danger to you, the examiner, the public or property

  • a serious fault - something potentially dangerous

  • a driving fault - this is not potentially dangerous, but if you keep making the same fault, it could become a serious fault

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A learner will pass their driving test if they make no more than 15 driving faults, known as 'minors, and no serious or dangerous faults, sometimes called 'majors'.

Commenting on the data, Nicholas Shaw, Director of Operations at Dayinsure said: “It is clear to see that driving test pass rates fluctuate up and down the country, and learners in some areas may also struggle to find an instructor in time to start their driving lessons on time.

“We would like to remind learners that they don’t need to wait for their instructor to start practising for their practical driving test.

"With Dayinsure, you can practise in a borrowed car (or your own), as long as you’re supervised by someone who’s over 25 years old who’s held a British driving licence for at least three years. However, you must take care to ensure that everyone is fully insured to drive the vehicle.

“If you want to improve your chances of passing the first time, temporary learner driver insurance is a cheap and flexible option to get covered for your private practice sessions with your friends or family.”

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