Hardwick Festival performer Jack Savoretti says 'North East crowds are the best' and praises Sam Fender ahead of gig

-Credit: (Image: JOHN MILLARD)
-Credit: (Image: JOHN MILLARD)

"North East crowds are the best" says singer-songwriter Jack Savoretti ahead of his upcoming performance in the region this summer.

The chart topping artist, with hits including 'Soldier's Eyes' and 'What More Can I Do?', said that he has "fond memories" of the North East and local venues such as The Cluny in Ouseburn which "kept [him] going for years". And he also praised Sam Fender who would perform a cover of Savoretti's 'Broken Glass' at buskers nights when plying his trade as a fledgling musician on the region's open-mic circuit.

Savoretti, 40, said: "I have fond memories of the region. Venues like The Cluny in Newcastle kept me going for years - I must have played it six or seven times. Along with the Scots, North East crowds are the best so I can't wait to share my new music with everyone at Hardwick Festival."

He added: "It's crazy to think that Sam used to cover my music. We've since become really good friends and now I'm a massive fan of his music too. The guy's a true gentleman - he's always been there for me and is always the first one to reach out to lend his support whenever I'm doing any charity work. Hopefully we'll get the opportunity to collaborate one day."

Savoretti will perform at Hardwick Festival, at County Durham's Hardwick Hall this Summer. The festival is gearing up for its tenth anniversary edition on 16-18 August with headline performances from the likes of Becky Hill, Snow Patrol and Richard Ashcroft.

Local hero Sam Fender
Local hero Sam Fender -Credit:PA

Another chart-topping artist set to join them on the bill is acclaimed singer-songwriter Jack Savoretti who continues to captivate audiences worldwide with his soulful voice, heartfelt lyrics and unforgettable melodies. With a career spanning over two decades, Savoretti has carved a niche for himself, earning praise for his authenticity and raw talent.

Born in London to Italian parents, Savoretti's musical journey began at an early age. Influenced by the likes of Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel and Van Morrison, he honed his craft and developed a distinctive sound that effortlessly blends folk, rock and blues.

With a career spanning over two decades, he continues to evolve as an artist. Whether performing in intimate venues or headlining major musical gatherings such as Hardwick Festival, he has the ability to connect with his audience.

Exploring themes of love, loss, and redemption with honesty and vulnerability, tracks like 'Written in Scars', 'Home', and 'Catapult' showcase his songwriting prowess and emotional depth, earning him a devoted fan base worldwide.

Savoretti is described as staying true to himself and his artistry, refusing to conform to industry trends or compromise his vision. The first release of his latest album 'Miss Italia' is written and sung entirely in Italian and inspired by the sudden death of his father, the critically acclaimed album finds Savoretti at his most honest and vulnerable.

He said: "My father was the anchor that tied me to Italy, the connection to my roots that I felt I was at risk of losing without him. So I went back to school. I didn't want to imitate Italian music, I wanted to make it my own, combining everything I had learned over almost 20 years of experience from working in America, England, and Italy, merging Anglo-Saxon singer-songwriting with Italian to create something unique."

Featured on the album are collaborations with the likes of Natalie Imbruglia, Miles Kane, Carla Morrison, Delilah Montagu & Italian superstar Zucchero.

Savoretti, however, isn’t concerned that his shift from English to Italian will isolate his loyal fanbase. He said: "Don’t feel the need to understand it, just feel the need to feel it."

Tickets for Hardwick Festival are now on sale at https://hardwickfestival.co.uk