Harrison Ford shares the secret to his long-lasting relationship with wife Calista Flockhart

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Harrison Ford has revealed his top tip for a long-lasting marriage in a new interview that saw him discuss his career.

The Star Wars actor, 77, who has been married to Calista Flockhart, 55, for almost 10 years, addressed the longevity of his relationship with the Ally McBeal star during a promotional interview for his new film, The Call of the Wild.

“Don’t talk – nod your head,” Ford quipped to Parade, “with a smile”.

Ford, who has been a licensed pilot for 25 years, also added that he only goes flying “if my chores are done and there’s nothing more pressing”.

The actor met Flockhart at the Golden Globes in 2002 and they married eight years later.

In the same interview, Ford revealed he was not the first choice to play Indiana Jones and discussed the forthcoming film, which will mark the fifth time he’s played the adventurer.

“They’re hard, but they’re fun,” he said, refusing to comment on plot details of the new Steven Spielberg film.

The actor went on to reflect upon his career, telling Parade: “I never had targets. I never had boxes to tick. I think one of the pleasures of my work is not knowing what’s coming.”

The Call of the Wild is in cinemas now.