Harry and Meghan: The duke has landed but the Sussexes' future is still up in the air

Greg Milam, US correspondent on Vancouver Island

Thirteen hours after taking off from London, the Duke of Sussex bounced down the steps of a small passenger plane and into his new life in Canada.

The short hop from Vancouver to Vancouver Island was the latest step on what is a monumental journey.

It was a short five-minute drive from the tarmac to the exclusive seafront mansion which has become temporary home to his wife and son.

Where the couple go from here, and the shape of their new life, is the subject of immense speculation, but for now their small family is reunited for the first time in weeks.

The duke returned to Canada with a historic deal hammered out with his wider family to create an unprecedented break from his duties.

He has made it clear how painful this separation will be and how it goes much further than he had originally wanted.

But the ideal of life away from the UK is now a reality.

The duchess has seemed at ease in the Canadian wilderness, pictured earlier in the day strolling with baby Archie and her two dogs in the woods, smiling and apparently relaxed.

The duke's arrival in Canada came with all the trappings of royal life - an army of close protection officers and the perk of sweeping off a commercial flight ahead of every other paying passenger - but such things are far from certain in the couple's future.

The duke says the UK will always be his home but for now he has left it behind.

The self-imposed exile has begun.