Harry and Meghan Markle could become influencer 'power couple' to bring in vast sums of money, Instagram expert says


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex could generate huge sums of money as an Instagram influencer "power couple", according to a social media expert.

Harry and Meghan have walked away from the monarchy and it was announced in a statement on Saturday that they will "no longer formally represent the Queen".

They are now free to strike lucrative contracts, with experts pointing out that their mass social media following could be monetised.

"From Brad and Angelina in the 2000s, to Beyoncé and Jay-Z today, we love to back the ‘power couple’," Marie Mostad, co-founder of influencer marketing platform inzpire.me told the Standard.

"And who is more powerful right now than two people who have gone against centuries of tradition, opting to take control of their own narrative and speak directly and authentically to their audience rather than through smoke and mirrors?"

Influencers: The pair could bring in money by Instagram collaborations (AP)
Influencers: The pair could bring in money by Instagram collaborations (AP)

She added that the royal couple had gained some 190,000 Instagram followers in the 24 hours after their bombshell announcement - with their audience potentially set for further boosts in their new roles.

They currently have 10.9m followers on Instagram.

"Our research found that in the 24 hrs after their “stepping back” announcement, Harry and Meghan’s official Instagram page @sussexroyal gained over 190,000 new followers and, as they begin to embark on post-royal life, this may well be set to increase," she said.

A calculation by inzpire.me, compiled by using data from previous influencer collaborations measuring reach and impressions, showed the pair could make between £16,100 and £89,400 per post if they forayed into sponsored content.

They might also be able to expand their income if they set up their own individual accounts, rather than just having the joint @sussexroyal page.

Her Majesty has decided the royal couple have been banned from using the HRH – but has allowed the pair to retain the titles. It remains unclear if the couple can use the Sussex Royal name on their website or for their business deals.

"Both Meghan and Harry have status and influence in their own right and, therefore, I see no difficulties in them going it alone," Ms Mostad said.

"The key will lie in establishing a clear personal brand for themselves and building a strong base of loyal followers."

Asked what sort of content they could produce, Ms Mostad said: "Meghan and Harry would do well to focus on content niches that are of interest and relevance to them.

"Charity, conservation, parenting, veterans and mental health.

"Any level of expertise in their chosen area will also help work in their favour."

Other influencer post calculator tools showed the Standard figures of £16,470,000, £46,600,000 and £63,055 per post.

Marketing agency Journey Further suggested they could make £15,914 to £25,856 with each post.