Harry and Meghan's Netflix show has bought the security they crave - but it came at a price

  • Harry and Meghan have been criticised for "cashing in" on their royal titles for their Netflix deal

  • The couple used their six-part docuseries to accuse the palace of failing to support them amid racism and mental health struggles

  • Omid Scobie - Yahoo UK's royal executive editor - says the deal will have helped the couple achieve the financial and personal security since stepping back from life as "working" senior royals

  • Read on below to see Omid Scobie's exclusive take on the documentary

Private photos of Harry and Meghan are included in the new trailer for their Netflix documentary. (Netflix)
Private photos of Harry and Meghan are included in their Netflix documentary. (Netflix)

Harry and Meghan's decision to open up their private lives to Netflix and talk about their personal feelings towards the royal family may have been a price worth paying to guarantee the security they crave.

The controversial six-part series has plunged relations with the monarchy to a new low after they made damaging claims that could irreparably break bonds with the Prince of Wales in particular.

Among the most damaging was Harry's description of a tense 'Megxit' meeting in 2020 in which he accuses William of screaming at him, Kensington Palace aides of subsequently lying "to protect my brother” around bullying claims, and King Charles of saying untrue things in front of the Queen.

The documentary also saw the couple open up about their mental health struggles - in particular Meghan's - and accuse sections of the media for fuelling the hate aimed towards them. The issue of racism featured prominently in the opening episodes amid claims the palace did not do enough to support Meghan.

Meghan with her head in her hand in the new trailer for the couple's Netflix docuseries. (Netflix)
Meghan with her head in her hand during an episode of the couple's Netflix docuseries. (Netflix)

The reaction to the programme has been mixed. Omid Scobie - Yahoo UK's executive royal editor - says there are likely to have been multiple reasons why the duke and duchess chose to embark upon a venture that exposes them so personally — particularly when they are already subject to such intense security.

Since stepping back as senior royals, the couple has had to pay for their own security. In the documentary they talk about the frightening moment when their location in Canada was leaked to the press and they were left feeling exposed and vulnerable.

Scobie told Yahoo: "I would imagine that - given the things that they were fearful of and their safety was one of them - giving so much in this documentary still would have been worth it for them to know that they’ve got their security and their safety for the rest of their lives".

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He also noted that "this was a story that clearly the couple needed to tell", adding that the traumatic experiences Harry and Meghan have been through in last few year seemed clearly visible.

"You can tell from some of the footage that they have been dealing with trauma," he said. "I think this is something that still sat with them, despite setting up a new life. And it’s clear that sharing their story in some way was kind of a final step of releasing themselves from the shackles of this experience."

Intimate moment's from Harry and Meghan's private life are included in the trailer. (Netflix)
Intimate moment's from Harry and Meghan's private life are included in the series. (Netflix)

The reality of how Meghan felt in light of the threats against her life was starkly presented in the series. In one scene, she tearfully discusses how she perceived the tabloids and media to have perpetuated the hate against her so much that they had escalated threats against her life.

"[The media] are making people want to kill me. It's not just a tabloid, it's not just some story. You are making me scared. Right? Are my babies safe? And you've created it for what? Because you're bored or because it sells your papers?," she says.

The documentary was released shortly after the former head of counter terrorism in the UK revealed Meghan had been subject to ‘disgusting and credible’ plots.

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Harry has previously discussed the impact of his security being removed during the couple's interview with Oprah in 2021. He claimed the Royal Family had justified pulling his security because he would no longer be a working royal, but that when he asked if the risk to his life was any different in light of this, his family confirmed that "it hasn't".

Harry added at the time: "I was born into this position, I inherited the risk".

Scobie noted that despite the fact the couple had such a worthy reason to accept a "lucrative" deal like this and ensure their continued safety, "Netflix are definitely the true all round winners here".

On the public's reaction to the couple following the release of the docuseries, Scobie added: "Have they won new supporters? Possibly, in small batches, but the people that feel negatively about them feel any differently? I don’t think so. Do the people that supported them and felt that they were mistreated feel any differently? No, maybe they feel a little differently about the royal family but I don’t think it’s shifted views in any way on a large scale.

"And if that was the goal for Harry and Meghan – and I don’t think it was – but if that was their goal, then sure they won’t have achieved it."

Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace have not commented on the Netflix documentary.