Harry Miler District Pinewood Derby Results

Mar. 30—Ada area Cub Scouts recently competed in the Harry Miller District (HMD) Pinewood Derby. The event was held at the First Presbyterian Church of Ada and was under the direction of Dwight Odell of the HMD Committee. Desmond Danielson of Ada's Pack 4 emerged as the Grand Champion as he won the race off among the various den level winners.

The first Pinewood Derby was held in California in 1953 and was so popular that in 1954 the Boy Scouts of America adopted the idea for use by all Cub Scouts. Scouts start with a "kit" consisting of a block of wood, 4 wheels and 4 nails for axels. With adult help scouts then use a variety of cutting tools to shape their cars into a design of their choice. The cars are then sanded and painted. Finally, weight is added to get the gravity powered cars up to the maximum weight of 5 ounces. The cars are raced on special tracks with placings determined via a double-elimination tournament type competition.

The top four finishers in each den level are eligible to race in the Arbuckle Area Council Pinewood Derby along with the best of the council's other two districts. The council derby will be held at Camp Simpson on Saturday, April 27.

In the HMD Derby in the Lion (Kindergarten) races Eli Hysten (Pack 4) finished first followed by Nila Lewis (Pack 198). Braxton Mann (Pack 4) was the Tiger (First Grade) champion, Closely behind, in second through fourth places, were Lucas Campbell, Baxter Elmore and Owen Hartman all of Pack 4.

The Wolves (Second Graders) were led by Rhys Ediger (Pack 4). David Darkis (Pack 177) finished second followed by Nash Ballard (Pack 4) in third and Zeke Chapmond (Pack 4) was fourth. There were no Bear (Third Grade) racers this year.

In the Webelos (Fourth Grade) division the winner was Pack 4's Desmond Danielson. Second place was claimed by Jared Odell (Pack 198) and third went to Jayson Black (Pack 4). Finishing fourth was Rook Russell (Pack 4). For the Arrow of Lights (Fifth Graders) Fynn Holman (Pack 4) led the way followed by Malachi Darkis (Pack 177) in second and Tyler Barrett (Pack 4) in third.

In the Outlaws (Open) division Dwight Odell finished first, Eli Priddle second and Josh Black third.

Pack 4 is sponsored by the First Presbyterian Church of Ada. Pack 177 is a community pack from Coalgate and Pack 198 is sponsored by the Refuge — Ada Foursquare Church.