Harry Potter star brands Jeremy Clarkson ‘rancid old thug’ after socialists remark

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Harry Potter actor Sean Biggerstaff has branded Jeremy Clarkson a “rancid old thug” after the Grand Tour presenter made a remark about “socialists”.

On Friday (9 September), Clarkson tweeted: “Twitter is a handy and constant reminder that socialists are disgusting people.”

The post attracted criticism from many users of the social media website, including Biggerstaff, the actor best known for playing Oliver Wood in three films from the Harry Potter franchise.

“Shut the f*** up you rancid old thug,” wrote Biggerstaff in response to Clarkson’s post.

Clarkson is best known as the host of the BBC motoring series Top Gear, from which he departed in 2015 following allegations that he had assaulted one of the show’s producers.

His tweet was seemingly made in reference to reactions to the death of Queen Elizabeth II among left-wing republicans.

Biggerstaff was not the only voice to condemn Clarkson’s comment – others also shared their objections to his remark in the replies.

“A little earlier you were complaining about [an] unpleasant post on here. Now you are joining them,” one person wrote. “Regardless of people’s other posts , it doesn’t seem very sensible or kind to join the worst of them. It smacks of hypocrisy.”

Another wrote: “What’s disgusting is caring more about aristocratic civility than the wellbeing of your fellow man... that’s some grade A bootlicking my guy.”

“Long been a fan and supporter of you,” wrote someone else. “Defended you to family, friends and colleagues. Bought the books, watched the programmes – the full lot – and all the time you really are the w***** family, friends and colleagues tell me you are.”

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