Harry Redknapp tells gruesome tale of how he ran over wife Sandra


Harry Redknapp has finally explained how exactly he ended up running over his wife Sandra – but be warned, it’s not a story for the faint hearted.

The I’m a Celebrity winner admitted in the first episode of the jungle show that he had somehow managed to run over Sandra (reassuringly, sharing the anecdote during a driving task) but the details of what happened are more grim than any Bushtucker Trial.

Appearing in a joint interview on This Morning, the couple shared the horrific tale.

Harry said: “Well, that was a nightmare…there’s a one-way street in Westbourne where we live and Sandra was going over into the TV shop.

“I parked…I saw Sandra get out of the car, I thought she crossed but there were cars coming so she stood against my back wheel. I thought I’m taking two paring spaces I’d better move forward.”

Brace yourselves for Harry’s description: “I didn’t go over her foot, half of Sandra’s ankle was actually, it sliced it like a bacon slicer almost.

“I dived out quickly and a lady said ‘don’t look at her foot’ – when I looked, I thought she was going to lose her foot it was that bad, it was horrendous.”

But his adoring wife added: “It was just an accident. I do make him get the door open for me now. I think it made a lot of people think about that, a lot of my friends.”

Harry confirmed: “I’m much more careful.”

But there was more drama to come for unlucky Sandra, as the couple shared that she had been battling sepsis just weeks before the show began.

Harry explained that he had made a last-minute decision to take part in the show because he finally felt his wife was well enough to be left, but said that their tearful jungle reunion that melted the hearts of viewers had panicked him because he had thought her health had taken a turn for the worse.

He said: “I said to the producers, if she’s not good I’ve got to know straight away so I can come out.

“I just went into the bush telegraph and the girl said Harry you’ve got to leave the camp now, there’s a producer waiting to speak to you.

“I thought Sandra wasn’t well or something had happened, and there was Sandra sitting, so it was a bit of a shock.”

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