Harry Styles compared to Mick Jagger after phenomenal X Factor performance

Last night Harry Styles made his grand return to the X Factor stage, performing his new single ‘Kiwi’ during the live show.

Dressed in a purple all-in-one suit, the 23-year-old star strutted around the stage and performed the fan-favourite anthem with buckets of energy – drawing comparisons to Rolling Stones’ icon Mick Jagger.

Harry burst with energy as he performed on The X Factor. Copyright: [ITV]

With ‘Kiwi’ arguably being the grittiest song on Harry’s debut solo album, featuring references to cheap cigarettes, hard liquor, and, seemingly, cocaine, as well as the rousing chorus: “I’m having your baby”, X Factor viewers were shocked by Harry’s performance to say the least, but all in all they seemed to give it their seal of approval:

Harry’s X Factor performance came fresh off the back of the European leg of his first tour as a solo artist, with the star returning to the stage for the Asian leg of the tour on 23 November.

Harry’s London dates at the Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith saw the singer suffer the full force of his fans’ love for ‘Kiwi’ after he slipped on a piece of the fruit after it was thrown on stage during the number.

Recounting the mishap to the 5000-strong crowd Harry said: “You may have seen me fall earlier during this song. It appeared to be on a kiwi.

“That was the culprit, some green seedy mush. Look there’s another – this could end up being a problem.”

Harry slipped on Kiwi pulp during his London show. Copyright: [Twitter]

The star struggled to wipe up all of the juice before continuing with the show, where he actually ended up performing ‘Kiwi’ twice due to popular demand.

Last week Harry surprised fans with the music video for the track, which featured smartly-dressed children, puppies, and a food fight with baked goods in scenes that were dubbed “iconic” although “confusing” by the singer’s dedicated followers.

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