Harry Styles impersonates Mick Jagger on SNL, performs new song ‘Ever Since New York'

Jack Shepherd

Last night’s Saturday Night Live was notable for a number of reasons: Melissa McCarthy was back as Sean Spicer, Alec Baldwin poked fun at Donald Trump, and host Jimmy Fallon mocked both United Airlines and Pepsi in one sketch.

Ex-One Direction singer Harry Styles was also on hand, appearing throughout sketches along with performing two songs from his forthcoming solo album.

Spoofing the American show Family Feud, Styles impersonated Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger, donning a similar swagger to the aged rocker.

“Hello Steve, it’s lovely to be here,” Styles said through pronounced lips before ironically mocking Jagger for going solo. Watch below.

Throughout the sketch, Jimmy Fallon also changed costume numerous times, playing both a young and old John Travolta on opposing teams.

Styles went on to perform his latest single ‘Sign Of The Times’, along with new track ‘Ever Since New York’, a guitar led ballad. Watch both below.

Recently, the tracklisting and artwork for Styles’ self-titled debut album were released to much fanfare.