Harry Styles Is Pretty Awesome At Method Acting In The Behind The Scenes Video From One Direction’s ‘Between Us’ Perfume Advert

Alright, so we already knew Harry Styles’ talents stretch further than having the voice of an angel and the hair of 100 unicorns, but did you know his method acting skills were THIS good?

Or that the world’s highest mountain is actually located somewhere rather unexpected?

Well you do now.


Or at least you will know, if you watch how Haz’s mountaineering efforts were actually captured on camera in this behind the scenes look at One Direction’s ‘Between Us’ perfume advert.

If you’ve watched the boys’ advert as many times as we have (4867 and counting), you’ll know that Harold’s mission was to climb the highest mountain and bring back a pretty flower to pop into their perfume mix.

So, was he shipped off to Mount Everest to bring back the all important ingredient - Goggles and mini axe in tow?

Erm, not quite, no.


And that’s what you call falling with style(s). GEDDIT? Oh, alright.

Yep, it turns out this is the actual highest mountain Harry hiked up to grab that all important freesia, risking life and limb to make sure all of us got the perfume of dreams.

Thanks, babe.

However, we have one important question. WHERE IS YOUR HELMET, HAROLD? We can’t have your pretty little head getting damaged when you fall off that ginormous prop, can we? TUT. TUT.


Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got a hot date with watching this video on repeat. All day. For the next three days.