Harry Styles must provide New Zealand with personal information as gig falls on census day

Harry Styles will be required to take part in the 2023 New Zealand census as his only concert in the country falls on the same date.

The census requires every person in the country to take part, including international visitors.

It is conducted every five years and will take place on 7 March when Styles is performing in Auckland, his final Love on Tour concert in Australasia.

The official 2023 Census account confirmed the news on Twitter on Wednesday (22 February), responding to someone asking if Styles would have to participate.

CCing “the country”, the account tweeted: “Thank you for this important query. Everyone who is in Aotearoa New Zealand on census night (Tuesday 7 March), needs to be counted in the census. This includes tourists, visitors, and former members of One Direction.”

Their tweet included an “artists impression” of Styles filling out his census form, which had been crudely added on Microsoft Paint.

The questions Styles is required to answer will include smoking habits, gender identity, sexual identity, and his income. Answers will, of course, remain confidential.

Anyone in the country who does not participate in the census can be fined up to NZ$2,000 (£1,037).

On the Australian leg of his tour this month, Styles disgusted fans by performing a “shoey” – an Aussie tradition which requires a person to drink from their shoe

After drinking water from his shoe, Styles addressed the crowd, saying: “I feel like a different person, I feel ashamed of myself.

“It feels so personal, such an intimate moment to be shared with so many people,” he said. “I’ll be discussing this with my therapist at length.”

The former One Direction star’s second studio album Harry’s House recently swept the Brit Awards days after it won Album of the Year at the Grammys.