Harry Styles Tears Up at Banner Marking 15 Consecutive Sold Out Shows in NYC

Madison Square Garden (MSG) raised a banner to celebrate Harry Styles, who played 15 consecutive nights in New York, New York, during the final show of his residency on Wednesday, September 21, according to MSG.

MSG explained that Styles was the third musical act to have a banner marking a record-breaking run in the venue’s rafters, joining Billy Joel and Phish.

Jim Dolan, the executive chairman and CEO of MSG Entertainment, said that “selling out 15 consecutive nights at Madison Square Garden is a massive accomplishment and reinforces Harry Styles as one of the most impactful artists of his generation.”

Video shared by Grace Cannon, which she said was taken on Wednesday, shows CBS Mornings host Gayle King presenting the banner as Styles becomes emotional, wiping tears from his eyes. Credit: Grace Cannon via Storyful

Video transcript


- 15 consecutive night sold out shows. No artist has ever done that before. [INAUDIBLE] 20,000 people in there on the their feet [INAUDIBLE].


- [INAUDIBLE] walking joy, walking happiness, walking love? And [INAUDIBLE]


[INAUDIBLE] Harry, we want to say thank you. And one final thing, we don't want to say goodnight to you. Congratulations.

- Thank you so much.