Harvey smashes college door in BBC documentary as mum Katie Price says it's proof he is settling in

Watch: Harvey Price 'settled' at college

Harvey Price's struggle to settle into his new residential college is shown in BBC documentary Katie Price: What Harvey Did Next - but his mum says scenes of him smashing a door show that he is starting to feel at home.

The mother and son previously showed their difficult decision over whether to use a residential college in acclaimed documentary Katie Price: Harvey and Me, and in the new instalment cameras follow his first term at the National Star college.

As carers try to coax Harvey to leave his room and help out in the college shop, the 19-year-old becomes upset about the new challenge and bangs his head against the wall crying.

He eventually agrees to try out the shop after carers help to calm him, but becomes overwhelmed by anxiety in the different setting and begins to smash up a bathroom door.

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Katie Price and her son Harvey have documented his first term at college. (Richard Ansett/BBC)

Skilled carers are again shown helping Harvey to calm down, managing to get him to come back into the shop where he decorates a wall with stars and is congratulated on his hard work.

One carer explains: "Sometimes, Harvey does need to break something. In that case, we can only keep Harvey as safe as possible. We let him break that item and then we remove it because for Harvey, that's when it's over. That's when it's finished."

In a recent interview with OK! magazine, Katie Price explained why she saw Harvey's outburst as a good thing.

Talking about another occasion that he smashed up his TV, computer and lights in his college room, she said that it proved he was settling in.

She said: "I said to the staff at the college, 'I'm so happy that he's done all this because now I know he's really settling in'."

Price added: "They are now living and breathing what I've had all of these years."

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Katie Price with her son Harvey in 2018. (PA Images)
Katie Price with her son Harvey in 2018. (PA Images)

Harvey is the eldest of her five children and his father is Dwight Yorke, but Price has brought him up without any input from the former footballer.

In a recent appearance on Lorraine, the chat show host said: "He's never had any contact with his dad; that's terribly sad, I think his dad is missing out."

Price replied: "So do I! I still don't understand. My mum's always in contact with his manager, saying does he want to see Harvey and it's just the same.

"I don't understand it, because he could have so much fun with Harvey. So I don't understand it myself."

Katie Price: What Harvey Did Next airs on Monday, 7 March at 9pm on BBC One.