Harvey Weinstein hails importance of ‘acceptance and inclusivity’ in film after fight against R-rating for 3 Generations

Jennifer ruby
Call for inclusivity: Harvey Weinstein has been battling against an R rating on his latest film: John Phillips/Getty Images

Harvey Weinstein has said that it’s important for films to deliver messages of ‘acceptance and inclusivity’ after pushing back against an R-rating for new film, 3 Generations.

The super producer has recently won his battle with the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) to award the film, about a transgender teen, a PG-13 rating.

After a plea from GLAAD , Weinstein hailed the importance of ‘accessibility’ for a film that can bring ‘understanding for a community that has seen more than its fair share of prejudice.’

“Especially these days, it’s important to use our power as filmmakers, directors, executives and studios to give a platform to those who have really lived the stories we’re trying to tell; it is the joy of doing what we do,” Weinstein wrote in an essay for Deadline.

Insisting that he wasn’t fighting the recommended R certificate for ‘publicity’, Weinstein said that the film would miss out on delivering its crucial message to its target audience.

“We don’t protest unless the recommended rating will impact the accessibility of a socially important film. Two of our upcoming movies, Tulip Fever and Wind River, were given R ratings, and we accepted it,” he said.

“However, when we do a movie that touches on themes of social justice and believe that movie should be seen by children, we want the MPAA to exercise the same imperative they do in allowing so many action movies to receive a PG-13 rating and family films with questionable amounts of violence to be rated PG.”

He added: “3 Generations is an important story — not just as a vehicle of representation, but also as a genuine and heartfelt portrait of the contemporary family. What I love about the movie is its warmth.”

The forthcoming film, starring Elle Fanning and Susan Sarandon, will now hold a PG-13 certificate, following some edits from the Weinstein Company.

The MPAA had previously stated that their reason for pushing for R rating was due to ‘some sexual references’.