Has Luisa Zissman Got Married? Star Hints She’s Tied The Knot On Instagram, After Leaving Twitter Due To Benefits Backlash

Despite remaining totally zip-lipped about the date of her wedding, Luisa Zissman has sparked speculation that she’s tied the knot with Andrew Collins in Cannes, France on Instagram.

All after deleting her Twitter following backlash she received for her child benefit comments.


Talk about a busy morning.

It was the photo above of the 28-year-old flashing a rather beautiful diamond ring that got tongues wagging about her potential wedding, as the ring is definitely different to her engagement bling (although they are rather similar).

Here’s that ring, just FYI:


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The Apprentice and Celebrity Big Brother star also shared this photo of the back of a mystery bride walking down the aisle in a stunning white gown.

However, the businesswoman, who’s been holidaying with Rylan Clark, Sam Faiers and Casey Batchelor, later deleted the snap.


She’s since posted this cryptic message, which reads: “I love rumors. I find out amazing things about myself that I never knew about.”


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This all comes after Luisa was caught up in a backlash over the comments she made during yesterday’s official budget - specifically tweets she wrote about the the Chancellor limiting child tax credits to parents’ first two children.

She wrote: “Child benefits restricted to the first two children. Hopefully ppl will stop breeding 2 get benefits now. [sic]“


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Some were quick to criticise Luisa for her “malicious” and “nasty” comments, with freelance journalist Abi Wilkinson saying: “For whatever reason, you are now a public figure @TheLuluLife, which makes it really not ok for you to spout bigoted rubbish like this.”

She later added: “Just don’t think rich people with big platforms should be kicking people struggling to get by who will soon have even less money to live on.”

However, Luisa then wrote back: "f***ing journalist SCUM calling me out on a moral high ground r u seriously taking the p*ss? Ppl like u are better dead than alive.”


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Luisa has since deleted her account with no explanation, and we guess only time will tell if she’ll ever come back.

If she HAS tied the knot, we’re sending many congrats to the happy couple.

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