Thousands of vapes seized from Oxford Street shop in police raid

 (Met Police)
(Met Police)

A raid on a “candy store” in Oxford Street has netted suspected fake and counterfeit goods priced in excess of £100,000.

Westminster council said the latest stage of its crackdown on the shops resulted in 91 fake iPods being seized alongside 6,575 disposable vapes that contained excessive levels of nicotine and 481 nicotine pouches with no safety labelling.

Trading standards officers and police raided the store – which has not been named by the council for legal reasons – after customers complained of being overcharged.

Thursday night’s raid - and a smaller operation carried out on January 10 - mean the council has netted suspected fake goods priced at £120,000 this month.

The number of US candy stores on Oxford Street has fallen from 30 to 21 since the council began its crackdown last year.

Westminster leader Adam Hug said: “The rash of mixed sweet and souvenir shops which sprung up on Oxford Street during lockdown has dragged the tone of this area down as well as in some cases opening flouting trading standards laws and fleeing customers.

“Westminster City Council will keep the pressure up and ensure there is no Happy New Year for unscrupulous traders.”