'Out of a horror movie': Haunting Google find in TikTok video

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A TikToker has found a scene on Google Earth which looks to be straight out of a horror film.

The creator behind @hidden.on.google.earth account on TikTok is dedicated to finding abnormalities around the globe and sharing them with over 2.6 million followers.

Recently, they found something that "looks like something straight out of a horror movie".

Heading to Drenthe in the Netherlands, along a main road there's another road near a wooded area. Behind a gate there seems to be an eerie figure dressed in black.

An eerie figure was spotted on Google Earth in the Netherlands.  Source: Google Earth
An eerie figure was spotted on Google Earth in the Netherlands. Source: Google Earth

Many people thought the image was fake, however, you can view it yourself on Google Earth and it does appear to be legitimate.

Some people were freaked out by the image, just like the creator of the video.

"I'm going to have nightmares," one person said in the comments.

"Just a ghost, they're everywhere," another person said.

However, others weren't horrified by the image and had more logical explanations for it.

"It's just an old woman, it's not scary, don't worry," someone said.

"Oh my god, some random person walking, wait what, in a street? Terrifying s**t," someone said sarcastically.

Others suggested the figure was a child dressed in "long black clothing".

Whatever the figure is, we will probably never know, though several people jokingly claimed to be the person caught on camera.

According to Google Maps, the image was captured in 2016, and if you turn the view to the other side of the road, two people are seen cycling on the path.

Drenthe is a northeastern province in the Netherlands.

Earlier this month, another Google Maps TikTok account came across a 'ghost town' in the US.

In a Google Maps street view image taken on Lincoln Way in Clairton, Pennsylvania, the road had been blocked off with a sign at the start of the street which reads “no trespassing” by order of the city council.

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