Haute dog? World's most expensive sausage in a bun costs a whopping £102

The world's most expensive hot dog (Caters)

A food van has created the world's most expensive hot dog - priced at an eye-watering £102.

The haute dog - named the Juuni Ban - was created by Japanese fusion food specialists Tokyo Dog in Seattle.

And since being crowned the most expensive, the hot dog has been snapped up by five punters despite its hefty price tag.

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The 12-inch smoked cheese bratwurst sausage is topped with luxury treats such as caviar, fois gras and shaved black truffles, and chefs need two weeks’ notice to order and prepare the ingredients.

Tokyo Dog owner, Eugene Woo, told local media: ‘It's an amazing hot dog - it is savoury and tastes fabulous.

‘We didn't want to just throw together a load of ingredients, but instead put some real research into it. There was a lot of trial and error to make it a really awesome hot dog.

‘So far our buyers have loved it.’

It took creators Eugene Woo, Samson Kwong and Rocky Weh, a year to put together the gourmet hot dog.

Alan Chang of California becoming the first to fork out for the monstrous dog.

And to date four others have bought the £102 hot dog, which beat the previous record holder by £14 ($23.51).

Eugene added: ‘The previous record was $145.49 (£87.78), and we thought it would be fun to break that record.

The luxury snack is topped with luxury treats such as caviar, fois gras and shaved black truffles (Caters)


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‘But it is also for fundraising. We gave away every single penny to the red cross.’

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