Have Walking Dead fans figured out who Negan kills?

Even fans of The Walking Dead are probably getting a little sick of this guesswork. After THAT cliff-hanger ending to series 6, the internet has been wildly speculating about who exactly our brand new villain Negan will splatter with his barbed wire covered baseball bat he’s named Lucille. If you hadn’t guessed from my questioning title, there may well be spoilers in this article for the start of series 7. You’ve been warned.

According to a new article in Vanity Fair, fans may very well have discovered the answer. It’s only just over a month until The Walking Dead returns so let’s grab a bat and get swinging. Are you sure you want to know? Well read on…

Firstly, Uproxx reckon that a birthday video message from some members of the cast to pop star Demi Lovato confirms that they are on set and working. Therefore, they must not be the receivers of the bloody good battering that Negan is dishing out. This video supposedly rules out Rick, Daryl, Eugene, and Glenn, but sadly I’m not buying this at all. Still, for my own reasons, I suspect that at least three of them are absolutely safe.

Vanity Fair also argue that Aaron, Sasha, Eugene, and Rosita won’t be getting their heads burst open just because they aren’t major enough players and showrunner Scott Gimple (and many of the cast members) have promised this death is going to hurt a lot! There’s no evidence here, but it’s a reasonable argument that I’m again inclined to agree with.

In an interview with PopSugar, actor Michael Cudlitz offered some pretty damn concrete evidence that his character Abraham is not going to be having that incredible head of ginger hair spilt open anytime soon by saying ‘Abraham will continue for a while now. Now we get to see what a world with Negan and Abraham both in it will be like.’ Unless he’s a big liar pants, Abraham is safe as houses, pair of trousers.

That leaves two ladies. Michonne or Maggie? Danai Gurira might have landed a role in Marvel’s Black Panther movie and this recent relationship thing going on with Rick does suggest that she might be heading for the bat.

But if you know who gets it at Negan’s hands in the comics, then you can imagine the irony if the writers of the show decide to kill off the pregnant Maggie. And that would also make up for them chickening out of killing off baby Judith which occurred in the comics when The Governor attacked the prison.

So if you’re still here, one more spoiler warning. My money is on Maggie AND Glenn. Imagine it. If one gets it, the other will surely try to fight Negan. Then it’s game over for two beloved characters. And THAT will be worth the wait.

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Source: Vanity Fair