'I have't cut my fingernails in 27 years – everyone always asks the same thing'

Diana Armstrong
-Credit: (Image: Guinness World Records)

Diana Armstrong, a woman from Minnesota, US, has left many puzzled due to her extraordinarily long fingernails.

She holds the Guinness World Record for the longest fingernails on a pair of women's hands ever recorded, with a combined length exceeding 13m as of 2022.

Armstrong stopped cutting her nails back in 1997 and now adorns her impressive talons with various colours. The official Instagram page of Guinness World Records shared her story, stating: "The combined length of Diana's fingernails is longer than a standard yellow school bus! Diana has been growing her fingernails for over 25 years!"

However, this prompted a flurry of questions from social media users. One queried: "How does she wipe ? Genuine curiosity."

Another chimed in: "The wiping was my first thought but has she ever worked? Like, there's no way you could legit do anything herself."

A third added: "How does she get anything done at all, like anything, including fitting into a car? Or clothes."

Armstrong addressed these queries shortly after breaking the record. In an interview, she explained: "Well you know, when I go to the bathroom it'll be the same as anyone else going to the bathroom, just I work with my nails probably in a different way they'd work with theirs.

"I use a lot of toilet paper. I don't wrap it around my hand like some people do, I can't do it like that, because it ain't going to work that way."

Armstrong faced a barrage of questions from curious onlookers. One individual queried: "How many bottles of nail polish does it take," while another humorously mistook her nails for dreadlocks.

The reason behind Armstrong's decision to grow her nails to such an extreme length is rooted in personal tragedy. The day she decided never to cut her nails again was marked by a devastating event.

She had asked her children to wake up while she popped out to the supermarket. During her absence, her youngest daughter phoned her with the heartbreaking news that her 16-year-old, Latisha, wouldn't wake up. It was then that she discovered her child had tragically died in her sleep due to an asthma attack.

Armstrong has previously expressed: "That was the worst day of my life."

She had always sported long nails, which were meticulously cared for by Latisha every weekend.

Diana said: "She was the only one who did my nails. She polished them and filed them for me."

Armstrong, who battled depression for a decade following her daughter's death, explained that maintaining her long nails was her unique way of honouring her daughter and preserving her memory.