Hawk Tuah Girl reacts to being asked if she would 'hawk tuah' on Trump and we can't stop CACKLING

Hawk Tuah Girl said she's not interested in Donald Trump in recent podcast interview
Hawk Tuah Girl said she's not interested in Donald Trump in recent podcast interview

The internet has spent the last couple of weeks either talking about the presidential election or Hawk Tuah Girl but we never expected there to be a cross over between the two discussions until the woman who said she'd "spit on that thang" let the world know she's not on board with former President Donald Trump.

Last week, Hailey Welch went viral after appearing in a man-on-the-street interview where she answered the question what "move in bed makes a man go crazy every time" by mimicking spitting on the microphone, and saying, "You gotta give 'em that 'hawk tuah' and spit on that thang!"

This moment quickly went viral, prompting countless TikTok videos and posts across all of social media. After being a mystery for the past week, yesterday Welch appeared on Brianna LaPaglia's podcast Plan Bri Uncut to give her first ever interview about her newfound internet fame, but it was her comment about Trump that really made our day.


While on the podcast, LaPaglia had Welch play a game called "Hawk Tuah or nah?" where she named a celebrity and Welch had to say whether or not she would "spit on that thang." Celebs like country music singers Zach Bryan and Morgan Wallen, NFL star Antonio Brown, and Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy were all listed off before getting to the MAGA leader.

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When asked about Trump, Welch made it clear she in NOT a fan. "Uh-uh. It's a no for me," she said, laughing. Her friend—who appeared in the original viral video—also answered, "No. Absolutely not."

If the "Hawk Tuah Girl" wasn't already relatable for oversharing while on a drunken night out with friends, Trump giving her the ick certainly is!


While sporting a cowboy hat and boots, blond hair, and a southern accent, Welch codes as the type of southern woman you might expect to be team MAGA, so hearing her be vocally anti-Trump is a pleasant surprise.

Then, as if we couldn't love her more, she said she would give Saltburn star Jacob Elordi a "Hawk. Hawk and a half!" That is the correct answer.

During the interview Welch also dispelled the rumor that she was fired from her job as a teacher because of the viral moment—she actually works in a spring factory and has never been a teacher—and said that she's since signed with a talent agency, started a merch line with a friend, but is hopeful that this won't be what she's known for.

"I don't really want that to be my image," she said.

That may be true, but we have a feeling we'll always remember the woman who said she wouldn't "hawk tuah" on a former president of the United States. Iconic.


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