Hawksbill Turtle on Road to Recovery After Rescue From Sydney Beach

A hawksbill turtle is on the road to recovery after being found in a critical condition off Avalon Beach in suburban Sydney in mid-November.

Avalon, named after the beach, was found “barely responsive” before being rushed to SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium’s Animal Rescue Centre for emergency treatment.

Avalon was later found suffering from extreme dehydration, a severe infection and congested intestines.

“It’s great to see her get her fight back,” said Saskia McDonald, a SEA LIFE Sydney aquarist and one of Avalon’s daily carers. “It’s really important to us that we get her back into good health and give her a good chance at returning to the ocean so that she can contribute to repopulating her critically endangered species.” Credit: SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium via Storyful