Hazy Conditions Seen in Abilene as Mesquite Heat Fire Damages Homes, Mayor Says

Hazy conditions were seen in Taylor County, Texas, on Thursday, May 19, as a fast-moving wildfire grew to over 9,000 acres and prompted mandatory evacuations as temperatures soared over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the area.

On Thursday afternoon, Abilene Mayor Anthony Williams said the Mesquite Heat fire had destroyed about 27 homes in a Facebook update.

This footage, captured by Instagram user @dallas.n.dak, shows orange-hued scenes at their home in Abilene, where the National Weather Service forecasted “excessive heat” throughout the day.

By Thursday afternoon, the fire grew to 9,613 acres and was 5 percent contained. Credit: @dallas.n.dak via Storyful

Video transcript


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